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Welcome at 7 PubQuiz Questions.
According to me, the best quiz question are those questions that do two things: 1. they give you a smile, 2. they are a solid base for a conversation with your friends over a beer. Here I have gathered such quiz questions for you to play online. Enjoy!

On this moment you can play 4 quizzes. All quizzes have seven questions.
  • The food and cooking quiz. Calculate your Cul IQ (culinary IQ) in 7 tasty quiz questions on food and cooking.
  • The presidential quiz. Did you know that George Bush also likes to play quizzes? These 7 quiz questions are dedicated to american presidents.
  • Think logic quiz. 7 quiz questions on logics, physics and mathematics, which can be solved by ordering your mind to think logic.
  • The bald men history quiz. This funny history quiz illustrates the fact that every turning point in history is marked with the presence of a bald man in 7 questions.
food quiz
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Presidential PubQuiz